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XX century was a century of grand ideological projects that captured the dreams and hopes of lots of people. While at the same time it caused catastrophes of massive proportions. (Enough just to mention two world wars)


Right at the end of the century, as it were, at the ruins of these big ideological projects, we saw the beginning of the new Dream, New form of Unity, based on free movement, economic and monetary union and close political cooperation – called European Union.


“Will the Circle be Unbroken” shows this European Idea as a project of sawing Hot Air balloon. In essence, every dream, every collective imagination is a “hot air balloon”. Either it flies up in the air by the power of our imagination or it falls down due to the lack of this very imagination or the faith we have in this dream.


Question this project asks is: What is the state of this European project today, in XXI century?

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